About Us

Yavapai County Republican Women (YCRW)

YCRW serves Republican Women in all areas of Yavapai County. We are Republican Women, Men and Students with conservative beliefs preserving the Constitution and the Republican National Committee platform by electing and supporting Republicans.

We are here to provide to you a forum, an opportunity to learn more about engagement in your city, state and national government, and a chance to effect change by actively supporting the candidate you believe in.

The YCRW Logo

Yavapai County Republican Women Logo

Educate: The Laurel represents giving selflessly and becoming students who excel in learning, striving to become informed voters.

Empower: The Crown on the Shield represents power. Sharing knowledge is empowering which comes with greater responsibility allowing us to serve our community, our nation and wisely engage in the political process.

Elect: The Shield represents defending truth, achievement and triumph. We strive to elect and appoint qualified Republicans to serve our community, our state and our nation. We strive to ensure our efforts reflect Republican principles and values.

Who We Are

YCRW is a Federated club formed in 2015; we are proud members of the Arizona Federation of Republican Women (AzFRW). YCRW is their 28th club, bringing Arizona's numbers statewide to well over 2,000 members!

Arizona Federation of Republican Women (AZFRW)

AZFRW was founded in 1924, the Federation is a grassroots political organization with thousands of active members in local clubs across Arizona, making it one of the largest and most influential women's political organizations in the state.

AZFRW works to promote an informed public through political education and activity; increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government; encourage and facilitate cooperation and communication among local clubs, their members and the AZFRW; foster loyalty to the Republican Party and promote its principles and candidates in all elections; and support objectives and policies of the Republican National Committee and work for the election of the national Republican Party nominee.

The AZFRW and local clubs are affiliated with the National Federation of Republican (NFRW)

National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW)

Founded in 1938, the National Federation of Republican Women is one of the largest grassroots political organizations in the country with tens of thousands of active members in local clubs across the nation.

The NFRW empowers women from all backgrounds in the political process and provides a forum for women to serve as leaders in the political, government, and civic arenas.

NFRW objectives are to:

  • Inform the public through political and legislative education, training and activity;
  • recruit, train and elect Republican candidates;
  • protect the integrity of our electoral process;
  • promote the principles, objectives and policies of the Republican Party;
  • unite and facilitate cooperation among the state and club organizations; and,
  • increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government.



Beverly Granillo is a third generation Arizonian. She is a wife, a sister, a mother and a grandmother. She has been involved with politics for over 24 years, first serving as president of Prescott Valley’s Head-start. Later she brought PACE (Parents Active in Special Education) into Prescott Valley. Beverly is passionate about this cause as she has an autistic daughter and has seen firsthand what diligence it takes on parent’s parts to prevent government waste while advocating for what is needed – cutting through the bureaucracy.

She has served as President of the Northern Chapter of MHIA (Manufactured Housing industry of Arizona). Helping this sector be efficient and successful in providing quality housing while being affordable to their respective communities.

She has served on many campaigns in different ways including as a campaign manager.


President - Beverly Granillo
1st Vice President - Lucy Mason
2nd Vice President - Lori Drake
3rd Vice President - Pam Pearsall
Secretary - MaryAnne Suttles
Treasurer - Alex Harris