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Committee Descriptions

Running a political club is a large group effort. As a YCRW Member, you can help by volunteering on any number of our committees. Below you will find a listing of the available committees and their specific descriptions and expected duties. After you decide what committee(s) you would like to be part of, simply click the "Join A Committee" button, fill out and submit the form.


Leads the Pledge of Allegiance at each meeting or appoints someone to do so. Responsible for the proper display of the flag at all functions of the organization. Promotes patriotism at every meeting. Instruct members on flag etiquette and history each year. Donates patriotic books to libraries and schools. Sponsors patriotic essay contests for schools. Presents flags to schools and community groups.


Responsible for YCRW participation in the AzFRW/NFRW awards program. Provides feedback of any changes from AzFRW/NFRW to YCRW executive committee and provides awards information and background to AzFRW/NFRW. Responsible for calendaring timeframe for awards and scholarships to meet AzFRW/NFRW deadlines. Works incoordination with program committee for awards recognition for members of YCRW team. Submits a budget request.


Meets with President, the Executive Committee and Committee Chairs to review past year expenditures. Makes recommendations to the president regarding changes to the upcoming budget and special committees based on discussions with committee chairs and excom members. Determines that the budget is balanced and that all monies are detailed and enumerated. Upon the approval of the President and the Executive Committee, presents the Annual Budget request to the Board of Directors at the first Board meeting of the year.


Ensure our YCRW Team bylaws reflect any changes in the AzFRW/NFRW by laws. Receive suggestion or make suggestions for revisions of YCRW or AZFRW bylaws. Pass along suggestions for possible revisions of AzFRW bylaws to executive committee. Assists potential satellite clubs and spin-off clubs with the composition of bylaws.


The campaign committee ebbs and flows with the political cycle. In an election year it is involved directly with the various campaigns going at the local, state and national levels. Introduces candidates who speak at YCRW meetings. This committee also provides candidate training and training for campaign team members. Accounts for campaign hour reporting and participates on the YCRW Awards Committee.

Caring for America:

Based on the belief that problems can be solved more effectively through the generosity and combined energies of individual’s rather than through dependency on government programs. Institutes Community service projects. Reviews Club projects to ensure they are marketing Republican values and Republican Women. Participates on the YCRW Awards Committee.


Takes pictures at meetings and other events and place them in an orderly fashion in a scrapbook/
DVD, noting the event, date, names, etc. Provide pictures to public relations chair and website coordinator. Write a history of the Federation covering the period she is Historian. This history should be typed. She may wish to consult with officers of the AZFRW when writing the history. Submit budget annually.


Mentors new club members. Identify members' leadership needs. Share leadership development ideas and materials. As needed, assists in establishment of new clubs and follow through to getting clubs established.


Educates and informs members on key proposed legislation - Yavapai County and Arizona state - and newly enacted laws. Provides information on the procedure or contacting their representatives or certain committee members. Educates members on how and when to influence legislation and policy issues. Conducts research and provides “talking points” on key legislation.to members for letters, testimony and call-in to radio and TV public interest shows. In coordination with AzFRW Legislative Day coordinate visits to legislators and their staffs during the legislative session. Plans and conducts local Annual "Thank You" event. Communicatte via computer and soial media.


(Donate books and videos that reflect Republican philosophy, present outstanding Republican personalities for have historical significance to local public libraries or school libraries. Prior to donating a book, consult with the local librarian or the recipient regarding your selection. This will avoid duplication and confirm the book, tape, or video is desired. Counts toward Achievement Awards.


All YCRW members participate on this committee. Chair examines types of programs and project ideas utilized by successful clubs, many are located on the NFRW website. Has available, at all times, updated membership brochures and new member notebooks. Prepares and implements the annual membership contest which recognizes member sponsoring the most new members.

Political Education:

Provides women awareness of commission, boards, etc where they may participate at local, state and federal levels. Identifies opportunities for training. Makes women aware of any reading materials, websites, etc of which they should be aware.


Determines the "empowerment" portion of each meeting and event. Programs project the image of the organization. Committee will structure a calendar year of programs around a unifying theme. Each program becomes a stepping stone on the YCRW’s preparation to educate and build enthusiasm for identifying candidates and winning elections. The 6-month program for the year should be submitted to the executive committee for approval.tiwice a year - in Sep/October and July/August. As the condustor, she orchestrates the efforts and works in tandem with appropriate committee chairs. Develops a draft working agenda for each meeting. Provides input to the budgeting process. Coordinates two planning meetings for programs each year. An annual survey of members regarding programs and their interests shold be done annually.

Protocol/Social Activities:

Familiar with proper protocol for political events. Provides for placement of head table place cards and seating following proper protocol for meetings and meals. Purchases and wraps gift for presentation to guest speakers upon approval of the gift selection by the President. Assist club in proper protocol and is available to answer question in that regard. Maintains and makes available a brochure available. The chair will submit items to be included in the budget to ensure her duties can be performed.

Public Relations:

Positive and consistent PR is critical for growth and new members. Promotes YCRW events with the goal of generating news interest and coverage and maintaining a "look and feel" consistent with the YCRW mission. Maximize impact through personal telephone calls and/or visits to members of the news media. Develop a mailing /contact list of news media people and keep it up dated. Get speakers’ glossy photos and biographical data to include in event notifications. Coordinate messaging with website and social media team.

Voter Registration:

(Special) Tracks legislation affecting voter registration. Oversees candidates' application form sign ups. Works with Legislative Chair. Develop communications strategy. Apprises members of any actions pertaining to such legislation. Reports updates on county registration. Coordinates local voter registration drives Conducts and partners with the county and State GOP in their voter registration drives.

Ways and Means:

Drafts budget inputs, tracks donations and plans programs designed to generate revenue, such as, donor programs and fundraising events. The Gold Crown Patrons and YCRW annual anniversary event are the Fund Raising Committee responsibilities. The Fundraising Committee plays a vital role in organizing and overseeing events and establishing a “signature” event for YCRW that can be repeated yearly. Example events are: Live (and Silent) Auctions; Function with Local or State Elected Officials; Cruises (in conjunction with a travel agency); State or County Fair Booth; White Elephant Sale; Night at the Races; House and Garden Tours; Receptions; Walkathon; Precinct Gala; Book Sales; Casino Night; etc.


Ensures items on the YCRW website are updated on a regular basis. Works closely and solicits Information from the YCRW Executive Committee and committee chairmen. Looks for new ideas and links to other organizations to attract women to use website. Works up statistics received from website host to ensure it is vital to members and potential members.

Newsletter / Editor:

The newsletter is the single most important vehicle to communicate with YCRW members. It will be mailed out to select members who do not have access to email and will be posted on the YCRW website. The newsletter shall contain, but is not limited to, the following: President’s Message (should be placed in a prominent place); Items of importance; Reports of interest from Committee Chairs (including highlighting members’ achievements on a local, statewide or national level); Calendar of Events including AzRW, NFRW, and the YCRC Republican Party; Membership Updates.